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Devotion Bookmarks

These bookmarks (in pdf form) summarise the table found here

Read three Chapters from the “History” bookmark (though not all are history), one chapter from the “Wisdom” bookmark and one chapter from the “Epistles” bookmark each day, to read the whole Bible in 262 days, whilst reading the Epistles (Romans-Jude) twice.

In case it’s not clear, read on day 1: Genesis 1-3, Psalm 1, and John 1. On day 2: Genesis 4-6, Psalm 2, and John 2. And continue on until day 262. Move down the list of books on each bookmark, left column first then the right. For the “Epistles” bookmark, read the Gospel according to John first, then each of the Epistles (Romans - Jude), then each of the Epistles again.

Depending on your reading speed, five chapters should take around fifteen minutes each day on most days. Fifteen minutes is not that hard to find in a day, especially if you give your devotional time priority and regularity - try to get into some kind of habit (for example, I do my devotions on the train of a morning).

Devotional Messages are also available, with a short comment on each days readings and how to apply them in our lives today.

God bless your reading and I pray that with your increased understanding of the Bible your relationship with God may flourish and grow.

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