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Regular devotions are an important part of the Christian life. During devotions, you will read the Bible and pray to God, growing closer to Him as a result. But it's not just Bible reading and prayer - it is time spent with the specific focus being to 'spend time with God.' Now everyone's needs are different when it comes to their devotions, but I would suggest that at most one in ten Christians spend a good amount of time communing with God. Where are your devotions at?

The 1w2G Reading Plan

I was unsatisfied with Bible reading plans that take you through the Bible in the order of presentation. There's nothing wrong with this, but if you think about it, the Bible is grouped and ordered so that similar books are with each other. A plan that takes you through in presented order will have you read the four gospels one after the other; and all the prophets together.

I felt it much more helpful to separate out the historical books - the ones that narrate the history of biblical times. I then ordered these chronologically based on the time-period they describe. This, I call the 'history' stream and in the 1w2G reading plan, you'll read 3 chapters from the history books each day, in roughly chronological order. I also included a 'wisdom' stream of reading, including the Psalms, Proverbs and other wisdom literature, as well as the Gospels Mark and Luke; from this stream, each day is allocated one chapter. Finally, I included an 'epistles' stream, which includes all of the episitles (letters) of the New Testament, which are read twice throughout the year; as well as the gospel of John read once.

This Bible reading plan will take you through the entire Bible (reading the New Testament epistles twice and reading the Old Testament once in roughly chronological order) in under nine months (262 days) if read every day. You can read more or less, you can re-read sections - but can I encourage you to be sure that your reading is for the purpose of understanding and applying God's word - not just to "get through the Bible" (a trap I often fall into!).

This reading plan takes you through five chapters of the Bible per day (about fifteen minutes reading) with three chapters from the 'History' stream, one chapter from the 'Wisdom' stream, and one chapter from the 'Epistle' stream - thus balancing the type of reading you do each day. An example day would have you read Isaiah 52-54, Psalm 91 and Romans 4.

If you are just interested in a plan for reading, this page sets out the 1w2G reading pattern.

The Bookmarks

The plan has been summarised into bookmark form for handy reference here.

The Devotions

I have also undertaken to comment on each days readings with a devotional message. In these, I seek to emphasise the meaning and possible application of the day's readings to the average Christian. Although not completed, a large first section has been written and this will be updated as they become available.

It is recommended that if you intend on using these devotions, that you use the above bookmarks to guide you on which chapters to read, then read the devotional messages. (Links to the Bible passages for each day are provided along with the messages.)


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