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Christian Resources

  • Find Out About Jesus: Ever wondered why some people can't stop talking about Jesus? Here's your chance to find out what the Bible says about him - without any pressure, and at your own pace!
  • An Introduction to the Bible: All about the Bible - how to read it, where it came from - take a look!
  • The New Testament: Summary intros to the books of the NT..
  • Theology Explained: Do you struggle to read three-inch thick 16th Century theology textbooks but still have questions about what you believe? Welcome to Theology Explained...
  • Church History: Jesus walked the earth about 2,000 years ago.. So what's happened since?
  • Prayer Central: A few hints and tips from someone else who has struggled with prayer (me), to help you grow in your prayer life... or at least convince you that growing in prayer should be a constant aim of every believer.
  • Devotionals: Bible Reading plans and messages...
  • Thoughts: Sometimes I want to write about a topic and can't find a place where it fits naturally on the site - this is where I store them!
  • Webmaster Resources: Handy hints and resources for begining and running your own Christian Site.
  • Other Resources: No matter how many resources I supply, there will always be at least 10,000,000 other Christian Internet sites out there... These are some of the useful ones
  • Christian Organisations: These guys need prayer - welfare organisations, charities, missionary groups - visit their sites and pray for them.


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